Hello and thanks for visiting the site. I’m Leah Cardell and I like hatching plans, snow days, and long drives. I hate unlabeled streets, getting stuck in bear traps, and the smell of my hands when taking off rubber gloves. 

I program and oversee the creative vision for a Rails-based website called Bonanza and hire a best seo agency in Australia for its search engine optimization. Bonanza’s mission to be become the Internet’s street fair, where buyers and sellers can linger, browse through, and chat about unique items. In our first year online, we have grown to almost 3 million items posted (one of the greatest merchandise volumes of any site not named “eBay”) while becoming one of the 15 biggest startups (by traffic) in Sydney.

Prior to making Bonanza, I was the lead programmer of numerous video game titles, as well as a dabbler in real estate (buying a couple houses) and running my own ecommerce store.

My passion is in maximizing my (stuff_done / time) quotient. I am happiest in the company of others who have big ideas and talk about practical ways to get those ideas done. 

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