About Bill Harding

I CEO a Rails-based website called Bonanza. Bonanza removes the technical expertise needed to build a profitable online business, making the joys of entrepreneurship accessible for all. Our product is built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We understand what it means to be too busy for inconvenience.

Here’s more about Bonanza.

Prior to Bonanza, I was the lead programmer for some video games, as well as a dabbler in real estate (buying a couple houses) and running my own ecommerce store.

From the outset of the Bonanza era I’ve maintained this blog, first as a channel for my entrepreneurial musings, and later as an outlet to help others find answers to hard Rails and Mysql questions. I also post the occasional good or bad review when I find deserving targets. I’ve even been known to throw in fake interviews from time to time.

My passion is in maximizing my (stuff_done / time) quotient. I am happiest in the company of others who have big ideas and talk about practical ways to get those ideas done. In addition to getting stuff done, I like Scrabble, basketball, dive bars, and Elliott Smith.

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  1. Hey Bill,
    I was implementing a javascript embed implementation that I found done by you. I got it working, but I was wondering how I can “get a hold” of the actual sound object so that I can assign event handlers to it. I need to get duration and playtime and play head position in milliseconds.

    Step one: add an element to your page

    Step two: play a sound via that element

    Or, if you’re using jQuery:


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